March 6: Parents Matter

Samaria Vereen, Planned Parenthood

This discussion will have some enhancement tips for parents having THE talk with their children.  A CofC grad from the Public Health program, Samaria Vereen has been with Planned Parenthood since September 2015.  She has volunteered with many local organizations mentoring youth and … read more.

April 10: What Is Interfaith Leadership?

Mary Ellen Giess

The voices of religious intolerance seem to be growing louder every day. How can interfaith leadership help bridge these divides?  Learn about the research behind interfaith engagement and how you might use that in your daily life.

April 17: Shakespeare

Kay Smith, Professor of English, College of Charleston

Four Presents for Shakespeare’s Birthday. A discussion of four “Shakespeare” films that are among the best of the many versions of Shakespeare’s plays on film:

“Much Ado About Nothing” (dir. Joss Whedon, 2012)

“Richard III” (dir. Richard Lonzcraine, 1995)

“Macbeth” (1978)

“Shakespeare Behind Bars” … read more.

May 15: Indian Art

Mary Beth Heston

Then and Now. Dr Mary Beth Heston, Professor of Art History and former Director of Asian Studies at the College of Charleston will attempt to give an overview of Indian art in 20 minutes, critically considering what the adjective “indian” might … read more.