Churchyard Committee

Chair: Bob Jontos: rjontos1@gmail.com; 376-4576

Mission:  The mission of the Churchyard Committee is to be good stewards of the gravesites, plantings, pathways and grounds of the church. The committee pledges to maintain the beauty, character and safety of the churchyard, while holding the utmost respect for … read more.

Communications Committee

Chair: Richard Hayes: rhayes73@aol.com; 225-1882

Mission:  The Communications Committee guides the Church’s internal and external communications and develops effective PR opportunities. The goal of all communications is to promote the life and well-being of the Church; and to keep members, friends and the community informed about … read more.

Community Ministry Committee

Chair: Al Finch: fincha@citadel.edu; 906-2071

Mission: The role of the Committee on Community Ministry (COSM) is to offer support and guidance to affiliated community minister, Rev. Nancy Pellegrini.

Meeting Logistics:  Members of this committee are selected by the community minister according to Unitarian Universalist Association criteria.  The … read more.

Connecting Circles

Co-Chair: Linda Maxwell Allen:  linmaxallen@gmail.com.  843-718-1725

Co-Chair: Maureen Porter: mlpmaureen@netscape.net; 703-407-6827

Mission:  The mission of Connecting Circles is to provide ‘small group ministry’ to our congregation.  The small group setting allows people to examine spiritual and philosophic topics, respect each others’ thoughts, get to know each other … read more.

Dinners For Fun

Co-Chair: Judy Manning: jpfm@bellsouth.net; 404-216-9294

Co-Chair: Abby Himmelein: abby.himmelein@comcast.net; 853-0870

Dinners for Fun are informal dinners held in members’ homes. They were created to give new and established members a place to come to know each other beyond Sunday mornings and committee meetings. The dinners are held … read more.

Docent Committee

Co-Chair: Tom Hartry: thomas.hartry@gmail.com; 225-1439

Co-Chair: Maureen Kelly: kelly.maureen09@comcast.net; 559-1379

Schedule Coordinator: Susan Robinson: csrobinson@knology.net; 330-9061

Mission:  The Mission of the Docent Committee is to share the history and beauty of our church with visitors, members of the church and the Charleston community.

Meeting Logistics:  Docents are on hand … read more.

The Endowment Investment Board

Chair: Bill Finn: william.finn@astenjohnson.com; 416-8951

Mission:   The Endowment Fund is formally recognized as the Fund which accepts gifts which are primarily to be used for the long-term vitality and financial health of the Church community.  Principal in the Endowment Fund will be protected on an inflation-adjusted … read more.

Finance Committee

Chair: Richard Hayes: rhayes73@aol.com; 225-1882

Chair of Planned Giving: Bill Walsh: billgwa@bellsouth.net; 856-0294

Mission:  The Finance Committee, in conjunction with the Treasurer, oversees the church’s finances,  provides advice to the Vestry and the Congregation on the church’s finances and controls the church’s finances in accordance with decisions by … read more.

Hospitality Committee

Chair:  Sue Prazak: jerandsue@att.net; 766-0274

The hospitality committee oversees coffee hour in Gage Hall after church. Members make sure that materials needed for coffee, tea and punch are in the Gage Hall kitchen so that the sexton can set up for coffee. Members frequently provide baked … read more.


Contact: Prudence Finn: prufinn@gmail.com; 722-1993

Each week the front of our sanctuary is graced with flowers that are given by members and friends. Often these gifts are used to celebrate or mark an occasion such as an anniversary or as a memorial.

Logistics/Contact:  Congregants are asked to … read more.