The Dan Ford Men’s Group

Contact:  John Narkunas: narkunas@bellsouth.net; 849-0726

Mission: For thoughtful men to come together on a regular basis and share their life

concerns, interests, and hopes for the future. Specifically, to provide emotional support, foster bonding, social interaction, and grow as individuals from group discussion and activities.

Key Principles:

Confidentiality: Outside … read more.

Sunday Stewards

Chair: Beverly Birkhimer: bev4236@bellsouth.net; 849-7529

Mission:  Stewards work at each Sunday service to oversee all money that is collected. After the collection, Stewards count all funds received, record checks, and insure that they are safely deposited in the office.

Logistics:  One steward works at each Sunday service … read more.

Tai Chi

contact Kaye Finch: kayeal1@comcast.net; 906-1477

Tai chi is an ancient form of gentle slow movements that can benefit almost anyone of any age. Research has demonstrated many physical and psychological benefits for regular practitioners. Tai chi is taught in Gage Hall on Wednesday mornings at 11 … read more.


Contact: Heather Chumley Jones at heatherjonespt@live.com.

Yoga for all levels.  Sessions will be held once a month on Sundays in Gage Hall after coffee hour.  See Gateway for specific dates.



The UU has no creed, however, every congregation has a constitution that describes how decisions and appointments are made in the community.