Current & Anticipated Projects

We have several projects that we have completed.

For Gage Hall:

1.  We completed work on the outside of the building to repair and paint all the wood parts of the structure.

2.  We repaired all the failed brick motar.

3.  We repaired all the hidden gutters around the building to prevent water leakage into the upstairs rooms.

For the Landmark:

1.  We continue to make repairs to the pews.

2.  We have upgraded the sound system and microphones.

3.  We made repairs to the two large plaques at the front of the church because they were dangerously close to falling off the wall.

4.  We recently finished the major project of restoring the outside stucco and making repairs to the structure of the Sanctuary that ensure its stability, particularly in the tower and east wall.

Projects to be completed include:  Main roof of Gage Hall resealing.  Larisey Room floor in Gage Hall refinishing.  Interior restoration of the Sanctuary if approved by the congregation.  Air conditioning of the Sanctuary if approved

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