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Pledging Overview

Historically, almost three-fourths of our general operating funds are provided by pledged income.  Because such a large percent comes from pledged income, it is critical that we determine how much pledged income we can anticipate each year before we finalize our budget at the May Annual Meeting.

Therefore, we conduct a stewardship campaign, or pledge drive, in which we ask our members and friends to tell us how much they plan to give to the Church for the next fiscal year for its general operations.

There are numerous ways you can tell us what your pledge is:

  • Fill out a pledge card and mail it to the church office at 4 Archdale Street, Charleston, SC  29401, or
  • Fill out a pledge card and place it in the Sunday morning worship service offering plate, or
  • Call the Church office at 843-723-4617 and give our Office Administrator your pledge over the phone, or
  • Email your pledge to, or
  • Click [Simple Give – My Account] and fill out your pledge on-line (you will need to create an account if you have not yet done so).

If you would like information on the stewardship campaign for the operating budget for the next fiscal year, please click here [link to stewardship materials: proposed budget, brochure, letter from Stewardship Committee Chair, etc., to be added on March 7]

Paying Your Pledge and Making Other Donations

There are numerous ways you can pay your pledge or make a general donation.

You Can Pay by Cash

  • You can mail a check to the church office at 4 Archdale Street, Charleston, SC  29401 (make sure you note on the memo line it is in payment of your pledge or for another purpose), or
  • You can place a check in the Sunday morning worship offering plate (make sure you note on the memo line it is in payment of your pledge or for another purpose), or
  • You can put cash in an envelope in the offering plate (make sure you write your name on the envelope and indicate it is in payment of your pledge or for another purpose).


You Can Pay by Credit/Debit Card

You can set up periodic or one-time payments on a Visa or Master Card) credit or debit card by clicking on the Simple Give logo on this page.  Please note that if your credit card expires or is replaced for fraudulent activity or otherwise, you will need to revisit your SimpleGive account and register another credit/debit card with which to pay the balance of your pledge.  Remember that when you pay your pledge with a credit or debit card the Church will not receive the full amount of your payment, since the credit card company takes out a 2-3% service fee, so consider increasing your pledge payment slightly to compensate for this deduction.

You Can Pay by Automatic Bank Payments

If you pay your bills using your bank’s on-line payment system, you can probably set up periodic payments from your bank account.  This may be the best way to pay your pledge, since

  • You won’t have to worry about setting up payment directives a second time if your credit/debit card is replaced;
  • You can save the Church the credit card processing fee; 
  • It won’t cost you anything either; and
  • You can then forget about making payment of your pledge since it will recur automatically.
  • You can use the Pledge form on this site.

You Can Pay by Donating Securities

You can donate securities in satisfaction of your annual pledge or otherwise by following these steps:

  • Email our Office Administrator at with information as to the number of shares and the company whose securities you wish to donate
  • The name of your broker holding those shares
  • The purpose of your donation (i.e., to satisfy your pledge or otherwise)
  • Our Office Administrator will give you the name of the Church’s stock broker, its DTC number and the Church’s account number
  • You will then deliver to your broker written and signed direction to deliver the designated shares to the Church’s broker for credit to the Church’s brokerage account.
  • You will then need to email the Office Administrator with a confirmation that you have directed the transfer so the Church can instruct its broker to keep an eye out for the transfer so you will get credit for the donation.


You Can Pay by Directing Payments from an Individual Retirement Account

Members aged at least 70 1/2 can instruct their IRA managers to make distributions up to $100,000 annually directly to qualified charities, including  the Church, tax-free.  This may be especially advantageous to IRA participants whose income levels would result in cut-back of allowable deductions.  If they are required to receive  distributions from an IRA, which would otherwise be taxable to them, they should check with their financial planner or tax advisor for further details and to determine if this form of donation is possible and advisable for them.


 Many members satisfy their pledges by making one payment rather than paying in installments.   Our Church’s salary and expense obligations fall throughout the year, and back-ended pledge payments make it more difficult for the Church to meet its expenses earlier in the year.  Therefore, one-time payments should be made as close to the beginning of the Church’s fiscal year (July to June) as possible.


The Church maintains several segregated funds to which members and friends can contribute:  General Endowment, Churchyard, Music, Social Justice, Religious Education, Ministry and Buildings and Grounds.  If you would like to make a donation to one of these special funds and not to the general operating fund, you may do so by making a designated payment in one of the above ways.  You will need to designate the fund to which you wish to donate or your contribution will default to the general operating fund.  Please note that a special donation will not satisfy your pledge obligation or satisfy your constitutional membership voting eligibility.


 Donations restricted to a specified purpose must be approved in advance by the Vestry.


 There are many ways to continue our liberal religious mission beyond this lifetime.  One of the simplest is to include the Church in your will.  Forms are available through the church office providing specific wording to specify what you would like to give towards preserving our unique heritage, by giving to the General Endowment or 1 of the 6 special endowments listed above under “Special Donations”.

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