We are delighted to announce our new Docents: Darragh Simon, Kathleen King, and Kathleen Mulroy. They are wonderful additions to our group and are already on the job.

A special thanks is due to our Snowbirds: John Preston and Jan Tryssesoone. Both gentlemen have been supporting us as substitutes. Jan has been covering for his daughter, Lisa Tryssesonne, new Mom to Jack Tryssesoone Van Parys. Congratulations to Lisa and Timmy Van Parys. John has been doing double duty for us: subbing and reorganizing our Docent Handbook. We miss them already.

We regret to announce that both Joanne Milkereit and JoAnne Simson are retiring from the Docent program in June. Joanne M is a founding member of the committee and has been with us for over 18 years.M is a true original and we will miss her greatly. She has been our rock and will be a hard act to follow. JoAnne Simson has been a treasured docent for the past 12 years. She has held court on second Sundays for the past five years and graced our city with her scholarly wisdom and enchanted tourists with her foreign travels.

At our annual “gala”(AKA “boozetopia”) in June we will be honoring the following Docents with at least five years service: Bill Thomas – 8, John Preston – 5, MaryAnn Hughston – 6, Abby Himmelein – 6, Stan Boyer – 6, John Newell – 6, and Tom Hartry – 5. We can’t omit Sarah Arnold,Randi Hoffman, Timmy Van Parys, Karen Ruef, Marilyn Henderson, Alan Moore, Sally Newell, Erica Hattings, Marcus and Layla Giddens, Diane Boyer, Gail Schiffer, Lisa Tryssesoone, Linda Maxwell Allen, Aliix Plaxco, Paula Knecht, Gary Nichols, Kay Haun, Hillary Hutchinson, and my co-conspirators, Susan Robinson and Joe McCormack. They are wonderful and frequently go over the top in support of the program with their dedication to our mission.

It’s been another great year and we completed 2017 with 10,004 visitors to our Sanctuary.

If you have an interest in becoming a Docent, please contact me by email, phone, or text.

Submitted by Abby Himmelein