March 2018

  • Recently Floy Work had surgery on her back. At this writing, 5 days out, she is home and receiving top-notch care from her RN daughter who came to care for her.  She says she hurts.  I’ll bet.
  • Claudia Updike had a knee replacement, is working hard at PT and her goal is to be in church by Easter. We look forward to seeing you, Claudia.  Claudia says it’s healing, but slower than she imagined.
  • Way back in January, after a couple of ambulance rides, Bev Fisher ended up in the Ashley River Tower Cardiac unit of MUSC where she stayed for several days. She is home and claims to feel good, but I can tell it was a scary experience.  She lives by herself at Franke and had to make the decision to call the ambulance herself.  Bev will be 92 in April.
  • In the next week or two, Ed Khedouri will be starting immunotherapy for the disorder he is fighting. And Ron Bruce will be starting a series of immunosuppression injections for his disorder.
  • In recent months, Stan Hunton has been through some pretty significant cardiovascular challenges. He says he is in C-V rehab, is feeling better, and will be back in church in the near future.  Look for him soon.


Our good thoughts to the many others among us who have not shared their challenges.


Submitted by Judy Bruce




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