• Recently, Pat Conley’s mother, Bess Conley, passed away at age 92. Pat says, as a young woman years ago, his Mom went to Panama to teach.  There she taught, married, and raised 4 kids.  Ultimately, she retired to Florida where she passed on.  Please keep Pat and Mary and their family in your thoughts.
  • Sadly, in the last few days, Diane Boyer’s mother passed after a brief illness at the age of 97. She was Bonita (Bonnie) Nelson Boerner, teacher as a young woman, and the mother to Diane and her three brothers.  She lived in Iowa.  Our sympathy to Diane and her family.
  • Judy Bell’s brother, Denis J Bell, died recently in San Diego. You may remember a year or so ago, he was diagnosed with cancer.  He was a retired Navy fighter pilot and was buried in Coronado Military Cemetery.  Sadly, the distance between Charleston and San Diego has made this time difficult.   Do keep Judy in your thoughts.
  • Allison Sterrett-Krause is mourning the death of her dear friend Donna Coffman of Cary, NC who died recently after battling a rare cancer for many years. Allison says, “She was like a godmother to me.”
  • In early April, Thomas Wiedemann put flowers on the podium in celebration of the life of his Mom, Ruth Johnston, who died April 6, 2017. I expect it’s a reminder to many of us of mothers – and Dads too.
  • In happy events, Judy and Ren Manning celebrated their 51st anniversary in late March. “Where did it go so quickly?”
  • And Sally and John Newell celebrated their 52nd anniversary on April 16. Sally says, “We’ve had wonderful times together.”
  • And some of you will remember Diane Wilson, a member of this church for many years. Diane has returned to the Charleston area.  She attends church occasionally with one of her two daughters, April and Robin, who grew up in this church.  Diane is living at Somerby in north Mt Pleasant and enjoys visits from friends.


Our good thoughts to the many others among us who have not shared their challenges.


Submitted by Judy Bruce




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