Reflections on My First Year on the Church Vestry

I must say, serving on the church Vestry has been humbling, enlightening and all in all, a positive experience.  It’s been great to get to know members of our Vestry, learn and appreciate their many talents and develop camaraderie with members of the church that I would not get to know without being with this group.  Let me tell you, our church is in good hands.  I certainly appreciate our Chair, Sue Weller’s commitment, leadership and ability to meet the challenges facing our church. Our upcoming Vestry Chair, Gail Schiffer, a consensus builder, has a great sense of the history of our church and hones in on attention to detail on issues.  Tommy Hughston, our elder statesman, provides common sense comments, and Erica Hattings has such a good handle on the needs and maintenance of our physical plant.  There are four young men who are so sharp and insightful with wonderful senses of humor.  They happen to be the ages of my sons, which is fun for me.  Zachariah (Zach) Conover, is our numbers man.  He helped make this year’s budget process painless; John Hyatt always knows where to find constitutional answers and shares his knowledge of RE activities (and laughs at my silly jokes); Jonathan Lamb provides meaningful input because he thinks outside the box during discussions; and last but not least, Mark Madden is our go-to person for his grounded perspective and knowledge of management and human resources issues.

In addition, I now have the big picture of the importance of volunteers in our church.  While Danny is the heart of the church, volunteers are the engine that keeps our church the vital congregation we know and love.  Some highlights follow.   Our bicentennial celebration was quite a success thanks to many groups under John Newell’s leadership.  The Eden Keepers made our churchyard beautiful for the celebration.  The docent program has grown and flourished under the leadership of Abby Himmelein.  The numbers of people getting tours of our church has grown exponentially as has the number of docents.  The Spirited Brunch held April 22, after church, welcomed approximately 320 interested people.  Another group that has been revitalized this year is the Archives Committee.  Under the leadership of Rose Marie Williams and Susan Robinson the expanded committee had several exhibits in the Sanctuary and Gage Hall this church year.    CAJM leader Suzanne Hardie led an exhausting and lengthy CAJM Racial Justice effort to gain a commitment from the Charleston Mayor and City Council to fund and support a comprehensive and fair Charleston Police Audit.  She was supported by Danny and several members of our congregation.  Congratulations!  These are just some of our volunteer activities.  Thank you, all!

Annual Church Business Meeting – Sunday, May 20th   at 12:15 in the Sanctuary

The agenda of the annual meeting shall include adoption of the annual budget, election of Vestry and Nominating Committee Members, a change to the church constitution, and other business as appropriate.

This is your church, this is your meeting.  Don’t miss it!

Submitted by Diane Narkunas








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