Meet Our Newest Members! Spring 2016

Edie Allen and Art Graham, live on James Island and were led to our church by members Nancy Groh and Tony Brown. Edie is the owner of Om & Lotus, a boutique healing business that specializes in overcoming trauma and teaching empowerment tools via various healing modalities in private & small group sessions, as well as holistic workshops and retreats. She is also a professional voice-over talent and actress.  Art is Vice President of Sales of library automation systems and has a 21 yr. old daughter, Haley. Together, they own a healthy vending company called Vending Naturally. Art & Edie come to our church seeking peace, connection to God and openness to all, valuing the church’s message & community involvement and friendly congregation.  Edie enjoys planning her wedding to Art, yoga, meditation, music, comedy, cooking, writing, teaching, traveling, anything outdoors, and playing with her dog, Folly.  Art’s interests include running, gym exercise, dogs and ocean water sports.

 Judy Bell (86) 5-1-16Judith Frances Bell is a retired school administrator from Boston.  Judy has two adult sons, Eli and Dewey Golub and two daughters in law Justine and Kira Golub.  Judy’s five grandchildren range in age from 11 years to 8 months. Judy moved to Charleston in 2014 where her son Dewey Golub of Found Realty renovated a home on one level for her in the Windermere neighborhood.   Member Babs Wellborn led Judy to our Church.  Judy values compassion and a sense of community in our Church.  Her interests and talents include teaching and painting. Judy enjoys working out at the MUSC gym where she does water aerobics.



Peggy Bird (90) 5-1-16Peggy Bird is a widow, 90 years young, who has just moved to Bishop Gadsden.  She has three grown children (including Rev. Nancy Pellegrini) and four grandchildren.  She values a caring community in which values intellectual and religious freedom and was led to our Church by her daughter, Nancy.  Her interests include politics, reading, and bridge.  Several years ago, she and five friends formed a spiritual group to find more meaning in life and to challenge Christian doctrine.  After reading and discussing in depth, she determined she was really a Unitarian!



Cheryl Huff is a psychologist.  Her partner, John Kelley, is a retired postal carrier, and they have been attending our Church and participating in its activities for some time.  They live in West Ashley.  She comes seeking intellectual stimulation, personal growth and a church that accepts differences and acts with integrity.  She is interested in meditation, bicycling, gardening, reading, painting and ballroom dancing.  John values a social justice thrust in a church.   His interests include cycling, travel, bird watching and reading.


Kerry and Ben Leigh live on James Island.  Kerry works as a registered nurse at Fresenius Kidney Care, and Ben is an IT project manager at MUSC.  They have two sons, Ethan (3) and Sam (2).  Elaine Tenbrink, former Community Minister, introduced them to our Church.  In a church, they value community service, education, honoring of science and dissent, acceptance and learning.  Kerry’s interests include running, gardening and knitting, and Ben’s include the environment, historic preservation, carpentry, music, sailing, technology and energy conservation.



Danielle Lopez is a pre-school teacher.  Her fiancé, Kevin Gainey, an engineer.  Their children are Serena Gainey (12), Ally Gainey (11) and Ava Champlin (5).  A good friend at Circular Church pointed them in our direction.  They come seeking a welcoming community.  Danielle is interested in photography and writing. Knowing that “knowledge is power,” she says she is open-minded and wants to learn forever!



Patrick Roebuck is semi-retired.  He found us through the Internet, seeking a community of like-minded people.  His interests include writing.  He is involved in our CAJM activities and efforts and is meeting our members through Dinners For Fun.


 Amy Russell is a pediatric nurse.  She found us on-line after hearing about Unitarian Universalism from a friend. She joins us to become part of a community, “being there” for each other, inclusion and tolerance.  She is interested in all kinds of health-related matters and comes seeking the spiritual Mystery and how it can be integrated with the more comfortable and knowable realm of science.




Jennifer Michelle Saunders is a soon-to-be consultant to Resource Concepts.  She found us on the Internet, seeking a more personally fitting spiritual home than the church she sometimes attends with her family.  Jennifer values a sense of community and compassion in a church.  She enjoys research, gardening and education.

Lisa Tryssesoone (80) 5-1-16Lisa Tryssesoone and her husband, Timmy Van Parys, live in North Charleston.  Lisa is an architect and the daughter of Jan Tryssesoone and Mary-Jane Farren.   Her interests include art, architecture, reading, travel and nature.