Vision Statement:  The mission of the Membership Committee is to welcome visitors and to facilitate their integration into the life of the congregation.

Meeting Logistics:  The committee meets in Gage Hall  after the Sunday service. Meetings are held once a quarter.   Meetings last an hour. In addition, members typically volunteer an average of another 4-5 hours per month.

Activities:  Staff and maintain the Welcome Table, maintain the pamphlet rack in the church vestibule, coordinate with church administrator in sending out letters/packets to visitors,  conduct Pathways Membership classes, publicize new members, plan new member recognition services and receptions, organize new member potluck dinner, follow up on involvement of new members and assist the church administrator in preparing and distributing the directory.

Recruit, train and manage the mentor program. Mentors are church members who agree to participate in the Pathways to Membership classes and follow a group of prospective new members to facilitate their integration into the church community. The membership committee also manages the Usher/Greeter program.

Ushers:  Ushers hand out the Order of Service as people enter the church for our service. They also take up the collection during the service, assist with introductions of visitors. Ushers are asked to arrive a half hour before the 11:00 service.  Contact  Marcia Castaño: 762-3289 or

Greeters:  Greeters are charged with making sure each person is greeted and warmly welcomed as they enter the service. They assist visitors in making out nametags, finding information, and in encouraging them to stay for coffee hour.  Greeters are asked to arrive a half hour before the 11:00 service.

Ways to Serve: Committee Members may greet visitors at the Welcome Table, discuss our church, and provide literature, organize events such as the New Member Potluck, receptions, or the compilation and distribution of the directory, teach Pathways to Membership Classes,help with set-up, serve food, and clean-up at events such as the New Member Reception, plan and participate in the New Member Ceremony, take pictures of new members, collect biographical information, and publicize our new members, call visitors who have shown a continued interest in the church or do follow-up calls with new members and purchase and organize materials such as pamphlets.

Helpful Skills:  Membership Committee Members have one or more of the following: Good inter-personal skills, communication skills, writing skills, an enjoyment of talking with people on the telephone, organization and planning skills, the ability to teach, a love of people and of the church, an interest in serving food, sincerity and warmth.

Co-Chair: Anne Lewis:; 843-577-3821

Co-Chair: Susan White:; 843-532-8311