Tuesday, March 6, 6:30 p.m. Upper Gage Hall, Room 4

John Jamrogowicz will lead the discussion next week on “SC Public Higher Education: State Supported? Assisted? Or, merely Sponsored?”

Some discussion starters:

1. Should the state’s funding level as a percentage of operating costs determine its level of control of public higher education institutions?

2. Among others, former governor Mark Samford contended that for its size, SC has too many public colleges and universities. He proposed closing some and allowing some to be privatized. Pros? Cons?

3. Should grants and scholarships funded through the SC Lottery “count” on the tuition side of the ledger or on the side of direct funding? How about federal Pell grants and loans?

4. The SC Commission on Higher Education is a coordinating body. Should it become a governing one?

5. There is a formula to determine state funding for higher education that is based on laws and regulations promulgated by the Legislature. What are the implications when the Legislature fails to fund according to formula?

Or bring your own questions.