Greetings everyone!

I hope you like the look of today’s email blast.  The new design is intended to shorten the length of our weekly communications – less scrolling – and bring some new color and excitement.  Even more importantly,  with each click you will be directed to our new website.  I hope that we will start to utilize our site as our main hub of information.

As you explore the new site, you may find some links that are not working (e.g. “Archived Sermons” and “Vestry Policies”).  Please know that I know and am working diligently to update.

There are two features of the new site that I am particularly excited about.  The first is our online Podcast which will soon be active.  Secondly, we now have an online directory!  The directory is powered by the software company that runs the church database.  Therefore, if you are in the church’s database as a member or friend, you are uploaded to the directory and will have the authority to create a password-protected login.  You cannot create a login if you are not already in the database and you cannot get into the directory without a password.  Your security is important to us and if you have any questions about Powerchurch, logging in, etc., please feel free to contact me.  Here is a quick guide to finding it:

Most importantly, I hope all of you will thank Patrick Roebuck for his help with the new website.  He took my vision and used his web coding experience to make it happen.  Patrick is still a fairly new member so you may not know him yet.  I can tell you that I hope you get to know him.  I am truly thrilled to have the honor of working with him.  He is smart, kind and patient.  I told him this week that I would like to give him a gift for all of his help and he asked that I just wait until there is something new needed for the website and spend any extra money on that instead of him.  I can do that but I also ask that we as members seek him out to thank him for the hard work and dedication he has put in to the website.

I am often reminded of the ways we all love this church.  We give in so many ways.  Sometimes it is hard to not get stuck in the weeds of the minutiae but with every platter I see quietly cleaned in the kitchen, every file re-labeled (lookin’ at you Susan Hartry), every new candle counted, vestibule swept, signup genius filled, folding chair put away… I am able to stop, breathe and reflect.   Patrick and I culled the information but it’s the rest of you that have filled the pages with a robust content.  Thank you for that!

In Service,

Sandra Selvitelli