Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

Join us as we open wide our doors and our hearts to gather with family and friends to fill the church with golden glow, silver song and a legend of love in celebration of Christmas Eve. This heartwarming service of stories and carols for all … read more.

No Service

There will not be a Sunday service on December 23.

Please join us for one of our Christmas Eve services, at either 6:00 p.m. or 8:00 p.m. on December 24!

Christmas Pageant

Pageant Sunday is not-to-be-missed! This service will feature the children of our church in telling the familiar story of the season in a fresh way. We will also feature the Pageant Band, which is made up of a beautiful hodgepodge of instruments, who will accompany … read more.

Christmas Cantata Concert

Join us for our special Cantata service! Folk cultures world-wide have many welcoming rituals that gather people together at the time of the New Year and Winter Solstice. This year’s Cantata celebrates the turning of the year with visiting and traveler songs from Hungary, Bulgaria, … read more.

It’s Blasé Day

It’s Blasé Day! According to this holiday, we have permission to be blasé toward just about anything. Blasé is of French origin meaning to be indifferent or bored with life, unimpressed, as if from an excess of worldly pleasures. Unfortunately, we live in a world … read more.

Remembering What We Are Thankful For

We will look at how shared memories unite us and bring us together in gratitude. As is our tradition, we will join in a harvest communion of cider and cornbread prepared by church families in celebration of Thanksgiving. Please bring hardy vegetables or canned goods … read more.

It’s About Time

Saint Augustine wrote, “What is time? If no one asks me, I know what it is. If I wish to explain it, I do not know.” Time is a familiar, but mysterious presence in all we are and do. Is it our friend or our … read more.