Toward a Theology of Placemaking

As our church further explores the 7 Guiding Principles this summer, let’s think beyond how we might embrace these ideals, to where we live them out. Join me as we re-envision sacred space, and begin to broaden how we think about our common ground, … read more.

Om, A Peace Offering

Breathe in peace and breathe out love. The Worship Services Committee offers the gift of a peaceful meditative service. Muni spent 37 years as a Hindu monk. Now he teaches yoga and meditation on Daniel Island. Dress comfortably and leave your stress and worries at … read more.

Building Hope Through Community

Ms. Bowley will share her favorite experiences of creating stability and self-reliance by partnering with others to construct homes for those who cannot afford to buy one. Plus *SAVE THE DATE*, Saturday, July 7th, 8 a.m.-12 p.m. spend the morning lending a hand at a … read more.

Sacred Splashing

Taking a fun spin on a traditional Unitarian Water Communion, we will honor water as a resource, using it to cool us down from the intense summer Charleston heat and to offer gratitude of its importance in our lives! Bring water with you to share … read more.

A Theory of Everything

From ancient Greek philosophers to modern physicists the search continues to discover if there is one thing that forms the basis of everything else. Scientists, philosophers, religious leaders, and poets have all had a voice in trying to discover the true nature of the universe. … read more.

Contemplative Activism, The Metanoia Way

The Metanoia Community Development Corporation is a movement of people rooted in faith. Metanoia’s innovative approach to community development involves working to discover and grow the assets of communities often regarded solely for their deficiencies. Metanoia invests in neighborhood assets to build leaders, establish quality … read more.

A Unitarian Universalist Memorial Day

Memorial Day was a day created to decorate the graves of soldiers and pay tribute to their sacrifice. This is still what we hope to do today; however, our task is to ensure that our soldiers have not died in vain, have not served, sacrificed and died in … read more.

The Beloved Community, Then and Now

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “We have inherited a large house, a great ‘world house’ in which we have to live together—black and white, Easterner and Westerner, Gentile and Jew, Catholic and Protestant, Moslem and Hindu.”  We will examine Dr. King’s vision of the … read more.