Social Justice at the Unitarian Church in Charleston

Sometimes it seems we’re better at demonstrating our convictions than we are at articulating what we hold true. Often we opt to act toward the good and save the talking about the good for later. Given the theological diversity of our congregation, our social views are also varied.

Our efforts often address the plight of disenfranchised persons in our community, including:

  • children
  • those living in poverty
  • our gay and lesbian friends and neighbors
  • while not a person, the health of our planet

The form of our involvement includes:

  • financial contributions to worthy organizations from our members
  • participation in public events such as Charleston’s Emancipation Day Parade, and Pride Parade
  • organized actions with neighboring congregations
  • ecological awareness and best “green” practices
  • volunteering with area service providers who offer meals and shelter for those who might otherwise go without

Social justice and community witness are central to our way of faith. It is important to us to direct our talent, presence, and monies toward efforts that provide healing and hope. As we exist not for ourselves alone, and consider the walls of our church our starting point and not our finish line, we hope themes of equity and justice are found woven throughout all our programming and presence.