DannyGreetings from Charleston and thank you for visiting our site. I assume you’ve come looking for something—perhaps a place to find new friends, perhaps worship that offers peace and perspective, perhaps an inclusive and progressive religious community suitable for your family. For generations, countless individuals, not unlike you or I, have brought their search to our threshold on Archdale Street.Though well-trained and honorably ordained, and though supported by a wonderful congregation, I cannot claim divine insight nor profound assurance. The longer I serve it seems the more questions I accumulate. But this I know—whatever provokes our conscience in times of grief or glory, whatever compels us to seek out a congregation, whatever we mean when we speak of the practice of religion—it is not meant to be experienced in isolation. Religion, whether organized by creed or freedom, is meaningless unless taken up in the company of fellow seekers.We’re all looking for something. No single church can meet every need nor respond to every hunger. But if you like what read here, our church might be just the place and people for you to consider. Our doors are open and we have room for you. I hope you’ll visit soon.


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