Description:  The Vestry is the Board of Directors for the Unitarian Church in Charleston.  The Vestry is made up of 9 elected members including the Chair, two Vice-Chairs  and a Secretary.  Non-Officio members (non-voting) include the Minister, Office Administrator, and Secretary.

Vestry 2016-2017

Maureen Porter, Chair

Sue Weller, 1st Vice-Chair

Tommy Hughston, 2nd Vice-Chair

Gail Schiffer, Secretary

Frank Hardie

Erica Hattings

John Klintworth

Jonathan Lamb

Richard Nelson

Non-Officio (non-voting) Members

Rev. Danny Reed, Minister

Sandra Selvitelli, Office Administrator

Nolan Prestwood, Treasurer

Policy I. a. Guidance for Committees

Policy I. b. Vestry Role for Liason Members

Policy I. c. Policy for Safe Congregation

Policy I. d. Policy for Remote Participation in Church Activities

Policy I. e. Policy for Advocacy, Lobbying and Elections

Policy I. f. Policy for Safety and Security

Policy I. g. Policy on Affiliation with Community Minister

Policy I. h. Policy on Archives Management

Policy II. a. Policy on Membership Status Notification

Policy II. b. Policy for New Members

Policy II. c. Policy on Membership and Recorded Contributions

Policy II. d. Policy on Confidentiality of Information

Policy II. e. Policy on Congregational Meeting Notification

Policy III. a. Policy on Churchyard Hours

Policy III. b. Policy on Use of Landmark, Gage Hall and Annex (2)

Policy III. c. Policy on the Use of Church Property for Filming

Policy III. c. Policy on the Use of Church Property for FilmingPolicy

III. d. Policy for Reduced Rental Rates for Members

Policy III. e. Policy on the Use of Gage Hall (1)

Policy III. f. Policy for Green Sanctuary Considerations

Policy III. g. Policy for the Garden of Remembrance

Policy III. h. Policy for Memorials

Policy IV. a. Policy for Communications and Publications including Style Sheet

Policy V. a. Policy for Gifts, Fundraising and Special Collections

Policy V. b. Policy for Fundraising Events including Fundraising Request Form

Policy V. c. Policy for Treasurer Duties and Responsibilities

Policy V. d. Policy for Financial Duties and Church Staff

Policy V. e. Policy for Accountable Reimbursements

Policy V. f. Policy for Stewardship Committee

Policy V. g. Policy for Minsiterial Discertionary Fund

Policy V. h. Policy for Funding Church Projects


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