We Are Family

We Are Family


Don’t Miss the “WE ARE FAMILY”

Pledge Drive Kick-off this Sunday!!!

 Come out and be entertained as Steve Simon and the Kings of Jazz begin our service with their exhilarating  brand of music!  Reverend Danny will then fire us all up with a sermon that will have us begging for pledge cards, and finally, the children will be serving up soup after the service from their hand-painted soup bowls for their RE fundraiser for One80 Place!  Whew, what fun!!!

You can pick up your pledge cards from the cheerful Stewardship staff right after church outside the sanctuary and then get a bowl and a ladle or two of soup in support of the RE program fundraiser!

As always, you can return your pledge cards to the Church:

– by putting them in the offering plate

– by mailing them in  – or

– by calling the church office and giving your pledge over the phone.

You can keep your soup bowl.

Our Finance team has a few requests as you fill out your pledge cards:

  1. Please indicate the timing of your intended payments. (i.e. 1st of every month, bi-monthly on the 15th, one time payment July 1st  2016, etc.)  This helps the Church schedule some expenses such as UUA and CAJM dues.
  1. One payment pledge:  If you are intending to pay your pledge in one payment, please schedule payment early in the fiscal year which begins on July 1, 2016 if possible.  This year a number of large pledge payments were planned at the end of the fiscal year (June 2016) which has created a cash flow imbalance.  Most of our expenses (salaries, utilities, insurance and taxes) must be paid on a scheduled basis so sooner is much better than later if possible.
  1. Promptly or sooner!  Please carefully review the pledge materials in your packet and complete and return your pledge card promptly (best done when Danny’s sermon is still ringing in your ears, hearts and wallets).

Your Stewardship Committee is committed to make this pledge drive as short and sweet as possible.

Thank you as always for your generous support!

Your Stewardship Committee