Sunday, March 18

“Celebrate Spring,” Allison Sterrett-Krause, Member

As the wheel of the year turns again to spring, we will celebrate the approach of the vernal equinox with a service drawing on Unitarian Universalist Pagan traditions. What is the wheel of the year, and what can we learn from the contemplation of life’s cycle of springtime rebirth?


Sunday, March 25                                                                         

“Mountain Top, Valley Bottom,” Rev. Danny Reed
As he prepares for a spring sabbatical leave, Rev. Reed is pondering the geography of the spirit. Its location may elude GPS discovery but does our church community help point the way? Are there guides along the road or do we journey mostly on our own? And for that matter, where are we going?


Sunday, April 1

“Easter Sunday,” Rev. Danny Reed

Come to church as we celebrate again a blessed season in song and story. Special activities, including a savory breakfast, and our popular egg hunt, will take place between our TWO SERVICES, 9 & 11 a.m.






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