Our Stewardship Pledge Drive for the fiscal year which begins July 1, 2018, and runs through June 30, 2019 has begun!

The goal for this year is $420,000.  Please click here to find out three specific reasons you should increase your pledge this year.




The Stewardship theme/message this year is the “Unitarian Holy Trinity!”

(click on each theme for more info!)

“Who We Are”

“What We Do”

“Why We Do It”

Our Committee members will comment on these 3 specific aspects that explains what The Unitarian Church in Charleston is all about. If there were no place to congregate there would be no Congregation, no sacred space in which to gather, be inspired and refueled.

We are kicking off our Stewardship Pledge drive earlier than in past years and we are pursuing a different tactic. In the past, we provided pledge packets that had to be picked up outside of Church and in Gage Hall. This year, we want to stress “Easy to Pledge, Easy to Pay.”

We have the pledge cards available 3 easy to use ways:

Attached to the Gateway Update
Inserted in the Sunday Order of Service

We will do it again for the following few weeks. Our push is similar to NPR’s “no pledge drive, pledge drive.”

Our final pledge goal is approximately $420,000 to fund our support of the Church and our larger community. We hope to have 85% of pledges in by mid-March. By having the pledge cards presented in so many ways, you can immediately fill out the cards, even when you are in your pew! You can also e-mail, or text Jack or Ren, or call Sandra and confirm your pledge or just drop it in the mail! Easy! We will also have a table in Gage Hall during the whole pledge drive to answer any questions.

By understanding the “Unitarian Holy Trinity” of “Who We Are,” “What We Do,” and “Why We Do It” we are certain you will understand why pledging is so important to achieve our goals as a congregation.


The Stewardship Committee