Vision Statement:  The Landmark/Buildings and Grounds committee has two main functions: the repair and maintenance of the Church Sanctuary, also known as the Landmark, as well as Gage Hall and the Annex. The committee also oversees any of the church grounds that are not taken care of by the Churchyard Committee. In addition the committee plans for and oversees renovations and improvements that may not be a current problem, but in which the congregation has a high interest in seeing completed. We have two subcommittees, the furnishings subcommittee and the sound system subcommittee. The Furnishing subcommittee is charged with the repair and maintenance of church furniture, also with recommending the acquisition and disposition of furnishings. The committee chair is appointed by the Vestry and its members are volunteers. We work closely with the Churchyard Committee.

Meeting Logistics:  We don’t meet on a regular basis, we do a lot via email and meet when members need to have a discussion.

Activities:  Approves all expenditures for routine maintenance; takes action for unexpected repairs; obtains quotes and arranges for repairs and improvements; works closely with the Executive Director, and prepares restoration projects.

Ways To Serve:  Some hands on examples are: Install shelving as a project, replace plumbing fixtures, arrange projects involving other church volunteers such as painting projects.

Helpful Skills:  Organization skills; individual skills such as woodworking, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, etc. Ability to arrange work from outside contractors and to work closely with them to obtain the best job for the money the Church spends.

Co-Chair: Erica Hattings:; 860-830-2981

Co-Chair:  Judy Manning:; 404-216-9294