Vision Statement:  The Caring Committee supports a healthy communication flow throughout the church to sustain the membership in times of physical and emotional need or celebration. Since our one church serves a wide geographic area, five separate Area Leaders receive care concerns from numerous sources, including Rev Reed. The Area Leader living nearest to the home of the member needing help calls upon a network of area volunteers for such support as is called for, including transportation, meals, visits, cards, calls, respite care, and help with finding appropriate long-term solutions.  We are an “equal opportunity committee,” male and female, all ages.

Chair:  Marcia Castano:; 843-276-9325


If you know of someone who needs a helping hand, please call one of us at any time.

Want to volunteer with us in a network? Call your own area’s leader (above) Carol Oates, or Sandra Selvitelli.


*We welcome referrals and expressions of need from our members and friends.