MUSIC from 1968


Regina Ruopoli, Sophia Zimmerman, Marc Kruza and Late Model Children

“Be there or be square”

Saturday, May 19 7:30 PM     Gage Hall — 4 Archdale Street

Wear Your Finest Hippie Attire!


Top 10 Songs of the Summer of 1968

Don’t miss the final performance of the 2017-18 season featuring some of our own home-grown talent from the Unitarian Church in Charleston! Featured performers will include an enthusiastic group of singers and musicians presenting an evening of Music from 1968.

Fifty years ago, 1968 was a watershed year in music from Broadway to A.M. radio to big rock and roll stages east to west. It was also a year of critical events, including the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and Bobby Kennedy, the election of Richard Nixon, numerous protests, demonstrations, and riots, and terrible death and destruction in Vietnam.

Taking the stage will be Marc Kruza, Sophia Zimmerman, Regina Ruopoli and the Late Model Children, presenting a sampling of some of the big hits from one of the most memorable years of the 60’s. The Late Model Children features Tom Ross on acoustic guitar, Mark Madden on percussion, Sue Findlay on keyboard, Sam Cogdell on Fender Stratocaster, and Mark Farnham on bass. Our own Amy Ball will provide piano accompaniment.

All ages enjoy music from 1968. Think the Beatles “White Album,” Simon and Garfunkle’s “Bookends,” or Steppenwolf’s “Magic Carpet Ride!” Turntables across America wore out albums by Jimi Hendrix, Glen Campbell, CCR, Marvin Gaye, and so many others.

Come out on May 19 for a bit of nostalgia and to enjoy some music of the past that still rings true and warms your soul! You might also dress appropriately if you can still find a pair of your old bell bottoms, your mini skirt, or your Nehru jacket. Don’t be square, be there! It’s gonna be groovy, and we might get you dancin’.

Profits from Gage Hall Coffeehouses support enrichment activities in Charleston-area elementary schools. Gage Hall is located at 4 Archdale Street.  $15 donation for adults; $5 for students is suggested.  Coffee, sodas, and home-baked desserts are available. Call 224-4472 or 367-9663 for more information.

Submitted by Mark Farnham