featuring Forty Mile Detour


Saturday, April 21, 7:30 p.m.

 Gage Hall

The Coffeehouse Committee is happy to present local Americana band Forty Mile Detour with Mark Yampolsky and their new recording!

When Charleston South Carolina radio personality, Wolf of 105.5 FM The Bridge heard Forty Mile Detour for the first time he became an instant fan. “Outstanding,” he says of the band, “If you haven’t seen them live you need to do yourself a favor and check them out. It’s great Americana music.  It’s rock ‘n’ roll, blues and country all rolled up into one and it comes out sounding great.”

Profits from Gage Hall Coffeehouses support enrichment activities in Charleston-area elementary schools. Gage Hall is located at 4 Archdale Street.  $15 donation for Adults, $5 for Students is suggested.  Coffee, sodas, and home-baked desserts are available. Call 224-4472 or 367-9663 for more information.


We have a great Coffeehouse scheduled for April – wonderful American music with Forty Mile Detour.  BUT this is a reminder — we do this for your listening pleasure, but the MAIN goal of the Coffeehouse is to provide an avenue for all members of our Congregation to easily support our Social Justice  goals, and hopefully yours, to reduce children in poverty in Charleston. ALL of our profits fund activities at Mitchell Elementary School, a downtown school where 95% of the children that attend are in families in poverty. Over the years we have supported so many vital activities for the children — in excess of $75,000.  All you need to do is show up, and for $15 hear great music, in a great atmosphere, and support your Social Justice goals for our Church.  Please plan on attending on April 21.  —Richard Hayes