I walked into this church for the first time in December 2013, as a guest of my friend Cathy Key, who lived on Daniel Island near me.  I will never forget the impact that the welcome message had on me.  A church that works for social justice and welcomes everyone? To top it off there was music, live music, and people were singing, clapping, and laughing during service.


4 Archdale Street quickly became an oasis. To top it off, I was on cloud nine when then Music Director Lyn Raymond invited me to choir rehearsals. He could really play the piano!  I’ve been lucky to be here for the full tenure of Johanna Evenson, and now for the artistic direction of Susan Conant.


Let me tell you what the Music Committee does!  First of all, we sit around telling jokes, eating cookies and drinking milk. Just kidding. We’re recruiting new committee members for the 2018-2019 church year. If you’re interested in music, we invite you to join us!


You all are familiar with the Candlelight Concert Series which raises funds for music programs in underserved schools. The Music Committee selects the musicians and artists, publicizes and produces the concerts, and manages the set-up and clean-up. Since the start of my tenure in Fall of 2015, the beneficiaries of the funds have been James Simons Elementary and The Music Battery Charleston, an afterschool program for at-risk students which combines homework help with drumline practice. We’re currently accepting applications for one or more worthy music programs to which to donate next year’s concert proceeds. If you know of an applicable organization, please let me or our Music Director, Susan Conant know.


The Committee is extremely thankful to those people who attend the Candlelight Concerts and support our efforts to recruit quality musical talent such as Charleton Singleton and the Lowcountry Voices choir. Jan and Rick Stanton are the performers for the upcoming concert on April 6th entitled The Poet Speaks: Masterworks and Poetry.  So many of you have provided help in the way of food and wine for the reception and volunteered for set-up and clean-up!  Special thanks to Joanna Innes and Cisco Lindley who organize the art exhibits. Where else can you spend a Friday evening filled with glorious, inspirational and divine music, food and wine, and a visual art exhibit in the company of like-minded people?


Secondly, the Music Committee awards a music scholarship to UU kids in the religious education program. Last year’s winner was Bryn Landis. Bryn performed splendidly on the clarinet on Sunday March 10. We are currently seeking students to apply for this year’s award.


Finally, the Music Committee takes pride in enhancing the musical experience of the congregation.  This Director loves to invite everyone to participate and sing along. The real raison d’être of the Music Committee is to assist the music director in making a joyful noise on Sundays.





Respectfully submitted by C. Claire Law, Music Committee Chair and Susan Conant, Music Director