The Unitarian Church in Charleston is proud to call itself a “Green Sanctuary.”  We work with a local composting company called Food Waste Disposal and with their help we are able to have our Sunday fellowship hour be 98% compostable every week.  We ask that our members and outside renters continue to be good stewards to our Earth throughout the week.  We ask that all rentals of Gage Hall use reusable, recyclable or compostable products for their events.  Because of our relationship with FWD we can offer you compostable items at a very low rate.  All of the items below are compostable and are available for sale.  Please add on the amounts you would like to order on your contract for final billing and  ordering.  Thank you!


Item Quantity Price
Cocktail Plates 50 $5.50
Dinner Plates 50 $9.00
12 Oz Bowls 50 $6.00
9 Oz Cold Cups 50 $7.00
12 Oz Cold Cups 50 $8.00
8 Oz Hot Cups 50 $8.00
Forks 50 $6.00
Spoons 50 $6.00
Knives 50 $6.00
Cocktail Napkins 50 $4.00
Dinner Napkins 50 $5.00