Welcome Our Newest Members!


Jason Merchey is a Los Angeles native who now lives in Summerville with his wife, Angela. Jason is a writer and landlord, and studied psychology up to the master’s level. He joins us seeking social connections, community, and intellectual and spiritual stimulation. He has plugged into Let’s Do Lunch and the Men’s Group, where he recently led a fascinating discussion on wisdom.





Kathleen Mulroy and her spouse, Brian Potter, live in Summerville. They have two grown children. She is a freelance grant writer and occasionally writes non-fiction articles for magazines. She joins our Church seeking spirituality, community, friendships, activism and volunteer opportunities. She is serving as a church Docent and has joined the Membership Committee and a Connecting Circle.





Preston Saks and his wife, Liana, live in Hanahan. They have one young child. Preston is a sailor in the Navy working to educate other Navy sailors in nuclear technology and operations. He joins our Church for the community. He attends the Forum and has recently participated in the Men’s Group.





Mark and Nan Teseniar live on James Island and are seeking a progressive community with which to fellowship and grow spiritually as they join our congregation. They are both teachers, as is their daughter, though Mark is retiring as this school year ends. Nan learned of our church through church member Sue Findlay, with whom she teaches. Mark has begun serving with our Docents.





Lisa and Lee Weatherwax live in West Ashley and join our Church seeking a community of shared values, spiritual growth and strong leadership. They have an adult daughter. Lee is an engineer, and Lisa is a former freelance writer. She has been active in Backpack Buddies and both have supported several church fundraisers. They found us on the Internet.