On Feb. 11, we welcomed 11 new members into our congregation. On Sunday mornings, you will know who they are by the red ribbons on their name tags. Welcome to all our New Members!


Randy Bjork

Jim Burke

Colin DiResta

Lynn Eichhorn and Dave Murray

Sue Glover

Diane and John Hopkins

Amanda Morse

Jennifer Schutzman

Kate Timbers


And many thanks to our Pathways Mentors Paul Garbarini, Susan White, and Floy Work.



Spring Pathways to Membership: April 15, 22, 12:15 – 2:30

Charleston Day School

 Pathways is a 2-session class for people who have attended Pathfinders and are ready to explore what it means to be a Member of the Unitarian Church in Charleston. Lunch served, childcare provided.

Sign up at the Membership Table in Gage Hall, or contact Carol Oates, Membership Coordinator, membership@charlestonuu.org.



Meet our Newest Members

Story of Belonging