On May 6 we will celebrate milestone Membership anniversaries. While we are celebrating membership anniversaries beginning at 10 years on Membership Sunday, the names are too many to list here. The following are, though, our most long-time members. Their commitment to this congregation is surely worthy of our appreciation and congratulations.

20 Years 40+ years

  • Michael Carnell Dee Boggan
  • Nancy Carnell Carol Furtwangler
  • Judy Ford Zan Furtwangler
  • Paul Garbarini Dorothy Klintworth
  • Jay Rockefeller John Klintworth
  • Bob Scoggin Gerald Prazak
  • James Shanks Susan Prazak
  • Susan Hutto Robinson

30 Years Shannon Seagraves

  • John Jamrogowicz Ellie Setser
  • Joanne Milkereit JoAnne Simson
  • John Milkereit Jane Upshur
  • Fabian Schupper

35 Years

  • Prudence Finn
  • Toni Johnson
  • Louise Ruch

Even as the church year begins to wind down a bit, there are lots of ways to be involved in the congregation through worship, service to the congregation and the community, and social events. If you have questions about how you might like to engage with the congregation, please contact Carol Oates, Membership Coordinator at membership@charlestonuu.org.

Meet our Newest Members in our Story of Belonging