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Updates on Offshore Drilling and Plastic Bag Legislation in SC


Offshore Drilling Infrastructure Abatement

Bill Number: H.4307

Status Info: H.4307 was filed just before the end of the 2017 session in advance of the pursuit of offshore drilling activities off the SC coast. We anticipate the bill to be taken up in 2018.

Legislation Summary: H.4307.  This bi-partisan bill would disallow the State of SC, state agency, or political subdivision from approving a plan or permit application to construct or use infrastructure for transportation of offshore oil into the land and waters of SC. This infrastructure includes a facility for oil storage and a pipeline but does not include new roads.

Action Needed: Call your SC state Representative and tell him/her to sign on as a co-sponsor to H.4307 and to support the bill!


The “Anti-Home Rule Act” – Plastic Bags

Bill Number: H.3529

Status Info: Unfortunately, H.3529, which takes this power away from the municipalities to ban plastic bags, passed the House earlier this month and now heads to the Senate for debate and discussion. No hearings have been set yet, but we need to make Senators aware of this affront to home rule and its impacts on plastic pollution in our communities.

Legislation Summary: We oppose the “Anti Home-Rule Act,” H.3529, which bans localities from their ability to ban plastic bags. This bill flies in the face of SC Home Rule which allows local governments to make decisions based on their best interests. Plastic bags are a horrible source of toxins for wildlife, both on land and in our oceans, maiming, injuring and killing wildlife frequently.

Action Needed:  Please, contact your Senator today and tell them you oppose this effort to allow unchecked plastic pollution and rollback Home Rule.  


Adapted from Sierra Club and Conservation Voters of South Carolina websites.  For more information, see or