I was fortunate to be able to attend a training on Spirit Play in Greenville this past month. The RE program there offers Montessori based Unitarian lessons called Spirit Play every Sunday during classes and ends the time with individual work time. The work time is designed as individual play time that also offers time for reflection.

At the beginning of our 2018-2019 church year, our kindergarten through 4th graders will be piloting Spirit Play lessons. I am in the process of purchasing some of the materials needed so we can get our feet wet and add to the program year by year until we are able to move to this method full time for our younger elementary students. We are very excited about this new approach to delivering our Unitarian lessons in the classroom.

Spirit Play Training is a way of thinking about religious education and inviting children into an exploration of their own needs. It provides for the modeling of authentic religious questioning and the freedom to search for one’s own meaning. The children will quickly step into the routine of being greeted by the doorkeeper and entering the classroom in anticipation of their time together. Spirit Play storytelling and wondering can bring many feelings to the service and allows for the processing of those feelings. The sacred spaced will allow creative wondering and an opportunity to explore the stories personally through retelling or through art materials provided. The manipulative materials allow the children to remember and connect to the stories and to independently work with them. Please feel free to visit www.spirit-play.com for more information on Spirit Play Story Telling.

Submitted by Megan Thornton, Director of Religious Education