Finance Committee

Mission:  The Finance Committee, in conjunction with the Treasurer, a) oversees the church’s finances, b) provides advice to the Vestry and the Congregation on the church’s finances and 3) controls the church’s finances in accordance with decisions by the Vestry and the Congregation.

Meeting Logistics:   The committee meets monthly on the 3rd Sunday after church.

Activities:   Review monthly financial reports, prepare annual budget, oversee the Investment Committee, assist with the Endowment Committee, oversee church debt, insurance coverage, employee bonding and taxes, parking revenue,  review committee proposals for fundraising.

Ways To Serve:  Member of the committee – supports the fiduciary responsibility of the church.  Helps the Budgeting process for the Church, provides financial analysis to the Vestry, supports the Treasurer.  Takes 2-3 hours a month including one meeting! 

Chair: Richard Hayes:; 843-225-1882

Co-Chair of Planned Giving: Stuart Terry:; 843-367-7636

Co-Chair of Planned Giving: Bill Walsh:; 843-856-0294


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