Our New Legacy Giving Program

Wake Now Our Vision” Challenge (WNOV)


One way to insure the future of UUism in our world


Our members and friends have an opportunity to pledge a legacy gift to our church, the Unitarian Church in Charleston (UCC), that can be matched by a 10% cash match (up to $10,000) through the UUA’s “Wake Now Our Vision” Challenge (WNOV). These matching funds are offered to UU congregations nationwide and are intended to enhance and enrich the message of Unitarian Universalism. This exciting opportunity is made possible by a special grant from the UU Church at Shelter Rock in New York.


A legacy gift is a bequest from your estate, trust, IRA/401K, or insurance policy.


Leave a legacy of giving beyond your lifetime to ensure the continued good work of our church! Whether you are writing your first will or updating an existing one, we hope you’ll consider a gift to UCC in your plans. You can use your will to give a specific dollar amount or a percentage of your estate. Gifts made through a retirement account or a life insurance policy also qualify and can be done easily through a beneficiary designation form.


All sizes of gifts are welcome.


Please contact any of the Planned Giving committee members below for help in communicating your plans to the church. Our UCC documentation supplements your application to the Wake Now Our Vision campaign for matching funds for our church. If you’ve already included UCC in your estate plans – in any amount – please let us know so we can include you in our Gilman Society or help you with the WNOV document.


Please remember we are The Unitarian Church IN Charleston


Wake Now Our Vision FAQ


Wake Now Our Vision Pledge Form


UC-CHS Planned Giving Committee Members:

Trip Banner (Chair) 630-234-3270 or warrenbanner@yahoo.com

Judy Bruce 941-408-3661

Prudence Finn 843-813-1189

Hillary Hutchinson 843-300-7086

Steve Wilson 843-296-2846

Floy Work (ex-officio) 843-708-0206


Your generosity will help assure that our beacon of liberal religion will continue to shine brightly in our world!