On most Sundays during the church year, we offer Sunday Forums before service in lower Gage Hall.  The Forum provides members and friends of the Unitarian Church in Charleston with thought-provoking talks and discussion sessions, mainly on topics of general interest but also on topics pertinent to the church.  They occur from 10:00-10:50 a.m.   Childcare is available in the Annex.  Please check the Forum schedule or see Sunday’s list of activities for further details.

By attending the Sunday morning programs members and friends of the church make the program worthwhile. It is especially helpful when attendees recommend speakers.  Simon Lewis runs the program and is always open to ideas and/or volunteers to help!  He can be reached at: lewiss@cofc.edu

Schedule of Upcoming Forums:               



Sunday, March 18

UU Authors Redux

Four local UU authors will offer brief readings from recently published works. Will Moredock, Mason Olds, Ellen Hyatt, and John Preston are long-time Unitarians and authors whose lives and writings are as eclectic as their religious beliefs. Their work includes fiction, poetry, and essays.


Sunday, March 25

Erin Benson, who runs a non-profit called With Purpose dedicated to support of children with cancer. Their website is at

A couple of weeks prior to the presentation on 3/10 With Purpose is breaking the world record for the largest Lincoln Log structure at Charleston Place on 3/10, and that event should draw a crowd.  So, there should be a lot of news and ideas to discuss.  Here’s the link for the Lincoln Log build that Erin will be talking about: https://www.with-purpose.org/events/2017/11/27/lincoln-logs-for-sam.