On most Sundays during the church year, we offer Sunday Forums before service in lower Gage Hall.  The Forum provides members and friends of the Unitarian Church in Charleston with thought-provoking talks and discussion sessions, mainly on topics of general interest but also on topics pertinent to the church.  They occur from 10:00-10:50 a.m.   Childcare is available in the Annex.  Please check the Forum schedule or see Sunday’s list of activities for further details.

By attending the Sunday morning programs members and friends of the church make the program worthwhile. It is especially helpful when attendees recommend speakers.  Simon Lewis runs the program and is always open to ideas and/or volunteers to help!  He can be reached at: lewiss@cofc.edu

Schedule of Upcoming Forums:               


Sunday, April 1                                                                                                                                                                                      

No Forum


Sunday, April 8                                                

“Imagining Life on Earth”
Phil Manning, Professor of Geology and Director and Curator, Mace Brown Natural History Museum at the College of Charleston

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The fossil remains that litter deep time provide a physical record for evolution of life on Earth, but are not so easy to characterize. The DNA that defines life is a fragile molecule, unable to resist even the gentlest ravages of geological time….so is there another way that we can unpick the biological codec concealed within fossil remains?


Sunday, April 15

Jews on the Frontier: Religion on the Road in the Nineteenth Century”

Shari Rabin, Assistant Professor of Jewish Studies and  Director of the Pearlstine/Lipov Center for Southern Jewish Culture, College of Charleston

This presentation will offer a religious history that begins in an unexpected place: on the road. It will show how the experience of geographic mobility shaped the religious lives of Jews -and those of their neighbors – in the nineteenth century.


Sunday, April 22                                                                                    

“How St. George Got His Dragon”

John Newell, Member

If we think about St. George today, we probably think first about England and second about his killing a dragon to rescue a princess (or vice versa).  But the earliest images of St. George came not from England, but from Georgia, Armenia, and Cappadocia.  And in these images, he is not killing a dragon, but the Emperor Diocletian.  So how did George get his dragon?


Sunday, April 29              

“Gentrification in Charleston and What it Means for You (and Your Neighbors)”

Kevin Keenan, Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science, College of Charleston

This presentation will define gentrification and explore how gentrification is occurring in Charleston.  The presentation will review some initial efforts to help manage the process in a way that helps historic communities.