By Richard Hayes, Chair Finance Committee

First Reason:  We have hired an energetic new Director of Religious Education, Megan Thornton, and she brings lots of innovative new ideas, as does her strong and active Religious Education committee. But did you know our budget for the RE program has only been $8,000  a year.  You agree we need a strong RE program, so the minister, Vestry and Finance Committee all agree we need to increase their budget to help fulfill our dreams.

Second Reason:  We all know that our amazing Office Administrator, Sandra Selvitelli, does a great job, and works too hard. Our accounting needs are growing as our church grows, and the Personnel Committee, Vestry and Minister all agree we need to hire an admin assistant to off-load from Sandra some of her duties so she can concentrate on our accounting requirements (accounts payable, receivables, etc.).  Many of you have told me personally we need to get Sandra help, so let’s do it now!

Third Reason: And, finally, our buildings are historic but aging.  Last year we increased the buildings reserve by $5K, and the next month the ceiling fell down in the minister’s office – cost was in excess of $10K!  We have a re-invigorated Building and Grounds Committee (I hear some superstar women will be joining the committee), and we have included, with strong Vestry urging, an increased Buildings and Grounds reserve by $10K in this budget.

Let’s make our Vision of our Church come true.  Make your pledge, and pledge generously — we need our community to continue to be a liberal religious oasis in the Low Country.

Our goal this year is $420,000 and we would like to have 85% of pledges in by mid-March.  Pledge cards will be inserted in your Order of Service where you can place in the offering basket or the Stewardship basket in Gage Hall.  You may also go online at to fill out a card or e-mail, text Jack Hurley or Ren Manning, or call Sandra in the office and confirm their pledge.  You can also just drop your card in the mail to the church office as well.  Easy!